Wrongful Death

If your family has been devastated by the loss of a loved one due to another person or corporation’s negligence the loss can be incalculable financially.   Who will pay the bills, the therapist, the grocery and even the funeral?  Rest assured, the responsible defendant’s insurance company won’t, at least not in a timely manner.  Even in the most egregious cases the insurance companies and major corporations don’t pay up as quickly as they should.

In the meantime you need cash.  The bills keep coming and they need to be paid.

At Great Bay Capital, we can provide your family with a cash advance on a wrongful death claim designed to get you through until your personal injury attorney can negotiate a settlement or get a verdict in court.

We have the best lawsuit funding rates, guaranteed.  If you can find a better rate, we guarantee we won’t only meet it, we will beat it.

Call us today to get a pre-settlement lawsuit funding advance on your family’s wrongful death claim today.   We can purchase an interest in your lawsuit and get your family cash today.  Lawsuit funding is not a loan.  Unlike a traditional loan, you make no montly payments and only pay us back if and when you win your case!

Don’t let the insurance companies starve you into an early settlement.  Get the cash you need today so you can get the settlement you deserve tomorrow.

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