Slip and Falls

All too often the owner of a commercial property neglects to make the necessary repairs to a stairwell or sidewalk.  This can be as simple as changing a lightbulb in a dark hallway or correcting serious drainage issues under the walkway.  Whether inside or out, negligent maintenance can lead to a serious fall and injury by an unsuspecting visitor or patron.   When that injury happens, life stops for the injured but it’s business as usual for the commercial property owner and it’s insurance company.

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  • Lawsuit funding is not a loan. Unlike a normal loan, you only repay our cash advance if  and when you win your lawsuit.
  • You make no monthly payments on the pre-settlement advance.
  • Your personal credit situation is not a factor nor will it be affected in any manner.
  • We can get you cash for your lawsuit in as little as 24 hours.

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