Nursing Home Neglect

As more and more of our elderly loved ones enter nursing homes, unfortunately more and more of them will become victims of nursing home abuse and neglect.   The families and the neglect victims themselves are often left with no choice but to stay with the current facility or bring their elderly family member home where they will not receive the care needed.  Financially, there may be no other options.

At Great Bay Capital, we have years of experience helping in exactly this situation.  We can get your family or elderly family member the cash they need to move to a new facility while their attorney pursues a negligence lawsuit against the nursing home or hospital.

In as little as 24 hours we can get you a cash advance against your lawsuit.

  • Lawsuit funding is not a loan.
  • Your personal credit is not considered or affected.
  • Unlike a normal loan, you make no montly payment and only pay us back if and when you succesfully resolve your case.
  • If you don’t win your nursing home neglect or abuse case, you don’t have to re-pay the cash advance.

We have helped hundred of people with pre-settlement funding.  Let us help your family today!

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