Medical Malpractice

When you find out that the doctor you trusted with your life and safety has messed up and caused you harm it is bad enough. But once you find out that his “malpractice insurance carrier” has denied he messed up and denied they owe you anything to assist you through the injury, you can get furious. If you have been the victim of medical malpractice and can’t work, the bills will pile up fast. One thing is for certain, the “malpractice carrier” isn’t going to pay them.

At Great Bay Capital, we can provide your family cash tomorrow so you don’t have to accept a small settlement today. We have assisted hundreds of families with pre-settlement funding for their medical malpractice lawsuits and we can help yours as well.

  • Lawsuit funding is not a loan.
  • Your personal credit is not affected or even considered.
  • Unlike a traditional loan, you make no monthly payments.
  • You only pay us back IF, and WHEN your case is resolved.

Don’t let the big insurance companies starve your family into a quick, small resolution of your medical malpractice lawsuit.  Call the pre-settlement funding experts at Great Bay Capital today.  We guarantee the lowest rates.  If you can find a lower rate, we guarantee to not just meet it, we will beat it.

Call us today to ask about lawsuit funding at 843-342-6848.